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BENJAMIN NORDSMARK is an artist and cabinetmaker who makes sculptural design and art pieces. By combining his education and skills with his creative mind, he continuously challenges his craftsmanship by using new materials and approaches to create unique objects with a strong visual appearance.

With most of his inspiration found in art, architecture and different cultures, his designs are thought provoking, bold and always have a story behind them, aiming to challenge the preconceived ideas by the viewer. Benjamin earned an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Art in 2011.

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CARL KRULL is a draughtsman, sculptor and performer with an artistic practice centered around drawing. In his most recent body of work, Carl uses a seismographic work method that he developed during a road trip in the United States.

With the line as his primary focus, Carl’s idea is not to use it as an outline, but as a network of signs from which a figure or a motive emerges. This intricate system of lines produces an optical illusion of volume making us believe that the image is about to break out of its two-dimensional support. Adding another dimension to his work, he merges his drawings with Virtual Reality so one can enter his work in a three-dimensional way. Carl Krull holds a master’s degree from The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, in Krakow, Poland.

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FOO/SKOU are trained visual artists, but self-taught musicians.

Louise Foo and Martha Skou are Danish-born artists based in both Copenhagen and New York City. Their careers span from the world of music to visual art and design. In their collaborative practice, they share the urge to explore and better understand the physics and systems of sound. Working with installations, visual design, and experimental software, they communicate the magic they find in their research through the creation of experiences.

The duo has recently exhibited at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York, and previously at venues such as REVERSE Space, Creative Tech Week Expo, and Telfair Museums’ PULSE Art + Technology Festival.

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LOTTE ROSE KJÆR SKAU is an artist who works in sculpture, video and digital painting utilizing a variety of new media technologies.

Her work takes its inspiration from a variety of sources including music culture, technology, cybernetics, ritual gestures and cultural tradition mediated by software. Lotte is attracted to the fusion of the physical and the digital space, the perception of materials, tactility, emotion and memory and how they manifest themselves in the digital. Lotte studied an MA is Sound Art at the London College of Communication.


MAKROPOL is an art studio lead by Mads Damsbo and Johan Knattrup Jensen. With backgrounds in traditional cinematic storytelling their work spans across a wide spectrum of media and art forms. Always rooted in the narrative and transformative experience, their productions guide the audience through dynamic landscapes of film, theatre and installation art, often manifested by novel and interactive technology.

Both creative producer Mads and artist Johan have earned a degree at the Danish non-traditional film school, Super16.

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MIKAS EMIL blends traditional drawing with new modern technology, mixing between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional.

In his artistry, he enjoys exploring the use of industrial machines as a tool to achieve a new and different motif, leaving the drawing in the hands of the machine, and allowing it to create an immediate new set of rules and guidelines. Mikas received his master's degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture in 2011.

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NANNA LYSHOLT HANSEN is a performance artist, curator and teacher, whose artwork can be experienced as live performance or as the body manifesting itself through hybrid technological forms.

By using her own personal experiences of the female body, sexuality, pregnancy, birth and motherhood she draws attention to the body as a technological and biological intergenerational mediator of knowledge and memory. In her work, concerns around the body, actions and recorded mediation constitute an elemental interrogation of physicality often in juxtaposition to architecture, recording and playback technologies. Nanna holds a MFA degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art.

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OSKAR KOLIANDER'S work derives from an ongoing investigation of new technologies and how systems and invisible networks connect us in a digitized sociality.
By referring to history and science, Koliander’s work raises the question of how the digital environment affects our understanding of the physical world. With a combination of real contemporary scientific research and laboratory experiments these complex systems are translated into a wide variety of different media, with an outset in sculpture and installation.

Oskar has a degree in architecture and earned an MFA in Visual Art from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2017.